by aokigahara

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Clip from Episode 15 Season 5 of The Office, "Stress Relief Pt. 2". We don't own that, naturally.


released April 27, 2013

Thanks to Micheal Peytavin 4 recording us and jamming to some bangin' hip hop at the same time.

Also, a very special thanks to 4G and the number 4 itself. Without it, we wouldn't be able to do the things we do.



all rights reserved


aokigahara Mont Belvieu, Texas

Three guys jammin' about anime and stuff.

Billy- Vocals

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Track Name: I'm Sorry Tomoe
Billy-I had to go away for a hundred days
and in that time I did my best to make it back to this place
I was quick to remember
that I belonged in the center

my dirty hands could never hold treasure
I had to clean them up
I had to speak up
It took a while to speak out of tongue and then I realized I was back at square one

And all the things in my room were pointed at the door
but all i wanted to was to have them lined up from tall to short
how could I get my life back together
I had to clean myself alone.

But I wiped the smile right off my face

I just wish I had all the answers
But I forgot to like myself

Grant-I am just a wolf that has lost its charm constantly bearing fangs but I mean no harm. For these past 6 years I've kept my head in the dirt constantly asking myself does it hurt.
Track Name: Wolf Of Mibu
Let's go fishing, in the smallest pond
talk about ourselves while laughing at the sun
and brag on how it wont hurt while we fondle the dirt
that is tearing up the earth

But I know I'm just a flicker of light, dangling on the edge of time
from the flash of a camera that captured a single piece of life
I'm only milliseconds from not being alive

What I'd would give to last just a little longer
and be apart of something meaningful
to see the produce of this memory
that would last an years for me
Track Name: I Don't Want to be Phantom Renegade Anymore
through the lunch line
what should I look at when I eat

clinging and clacking trays are on time today
but it's not as loud as the gears in my head

If your so inclined where are all your friends
and why does that mean I can sit with you?
I just want sit with you

Clinging and clacking
But it's not as loud as the gears in my head
trying to figure out where to sit
where can I sit

Cling and clacking through the line the trays are on time today
My legs hurt I need to bend my knees
My legs hurt I need to bend my knees right now

I don't want to be phantom renegade anymore